Are you planning on working on your health in 2023 but worried about whether you can stick with it?? Have you wondered if having a health coach would help you stay on track?

Try Group Health Coaching!

Join the Fresh Start to Optimal Health Group Coaching Program!

  • 5 Weeks of Group Coaching

  • Done-for-you Workshop Guide

  • Be part of a group of folks just like you who are getting into action for better health.

  • Weekly Accountability/Community Call

Investment: $92

Research shows that 64% of Americans will abandon their health goals within a month of the New Year.

That doesn't have to be you. Working in a group setting with accountability can make ALL the difference.

What You Will Learn In Our Fresh Start 5-Week Program:

The summary below is just a few of the things you will experience in our program!

Better Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of our health. We will explore tips and techniques to improve the length & quality of your sleep.

Manage Stress

They say stress is the pandemic of modern day. We will definitely cover ways to manage and minimize stress in day-to-day life.

Stay Hydrated

Most people are chronically dehydrated to some degree. But just chugging water isn't effective either. We will cover easy ways to keep yourself hydrated during the challenge :)

Eat Well

Scrap the dieting, it doesn't work. Instead we will work to develop your own personal plan to eat well in a way that works for you.


Going out and diving into an intense exercise program is not an effective way to develop sustainable habits. Instead we will focus on helping YOU come up with your own plan to get moving!

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